Japanese new year [Oshōgatsu tips]

In this article, Japanese new year is introducing.

Japanese new year “Oshogatsu”

Mister Oshogatsu

Hello, everyone, I’m international YouTuber Mister Oshogatsu.
“Oshogatsu” means Japanese traditional new year anniversary.
I’m introducing oshogatsu’s splendor, oshogatsu’s charm to the other countries people from Japan.

Japanese new year is one of long vacation

First of all, in Japan, the new year day’s are one of long vacation.
Japanese society’s activities are divided several time spans.

Japanese society’s activities start from April.
First section of year span is from Aprile to July,
Second section is from Septemper to December,
Third section is from January to March.

(But the coronavirus would may change this society system. Because Japanese society has stoped by coronavirus few monthes, and it made any defferents between students study power.
So the society’s activities start have defference by their living area, it is making student’s study power defference.
It is said that the solution of it would be restructuring the known society’s system.)

Japanese society’s activities was divided by long vacation, one of it is new year vacation

Japanese society’s activities was divided by long vacation, one of it is new year vacation.

There are several vacations between span and span.
Between July to August, there are summer vacation.
Between Decenber to January, there are winter vacation.
And between March to April, there are spring vacation.

New year vacation called in Japan “Shogatsu yasumi” or “Oshogatsu”.

The winter vacation has the other name “new year vacation”.
Called in Japanese “Shogatsu yasumi(正月休み)” or “Oshogatsu(お正月)”.

In the new year vacation, in Japan, there are exiting and unique traditional lifestyle. Moreover it is held many traditional event in the time. It is exciting, but its sprender was not well known to overseas.

I, Mister Oshogatsu, is discovered the sprender, and try to introduce for all of the world. If you like please check my YouTube channel(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr7JVgcuCQMl7ueEiPcgc8g/).

Best regard.

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