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COVID-19 infectious disease prevention measures “body temperature measurement results” (7/9up) [About Mr. Oshogatsu]

I, Mr. Oshogatsu measure my body temperature every day (not perfectly) for the prevention of COVID-19 infection.
In this article, I’d like to represent the measurement results.

A white Youtuber, Mister Oshogatsu’s COVID-19 infectious disease prevention measures

I’m sorry, I’ve just realised I haven’t properly introduced myself.Nice to meet you.I’m Japanese international YouTuber “Mister Oshogatsu”.

I am doing various activities centering as a Youtuber (my channel), for to bring the Japanese new year anniversary culture to the world as a proudable Japanese traditional culture.
New year days or new year anniversary is called in Japan “Oshogatsu”. So my nick name is “Mister Oshogatsu”.

If you would like to know more of me, please visit top page of this site.

By the way, as I said at the beginning, I have been taking temperature measurements basically every day since March as a COVID-19 infection preventive measure.
I’d like to show my temperature datas below. I would appreciate it if you could utilize it for your COVID-19 infection prevention measures.

Also, I would be update irregularly this article from time to time. So if you have a oppocunity to see me, you could check which I am just being infected COVID-19 or not by this article. It would take both you and me a health. God bless you.

Why do I publish temperature measurement results?

Daily temperature measurement is very important as a clue to know if the people is infected with the COVID-19.

it is known as one of a symptom that when a person is infected and develop the COVID-19, the one’s body temperature will rise.

So knowing a normal body temperature would be an effective clue to know whether one is infected or not.

However there is a latent period, and there are cases where symptoms do not appear even if the one is infected, so it is not a guarantee that “if the one’s body temperature is normal, the one is not 100% infected”. But it is useful as a guideline.

年賀状・縁起物・干支・御利益・お買物、日本正月協会販売部、Japan Shogatsu Association sales dept.

COVID-19 infection disease preventive measures [list of thermometry results]

A white Youtuber, Mister Oshogatsu’s COVID-19 infectious disease preventive measures [measurement results of March 2020]

2020/3/2 6:1135.9degrees
2020/3/3 8:2836.4degrees
2020/3/4 7:4035.9degrees
2020/3/5 6:2936.7degrees
2020/3/6 6:4436.3degrees
2020/3/7 6:4635.6degrees
2020/3/8 10:1136.0degrees
2020/3/9 8:4336.7degrees
2020/3/10 5:2336.4degrees
2020/3/11 6:4336.0degrees
2020/3/12 5:1835.8degrees
2020/3/13 8:4436.3degrees
2020/3/14 9:5536.3degrees
2020/3/15 18:4336.1degrees
2020/3/16 10:1236.3degrees
2020/3/17 8:2536.0degrees
2020/3/18 16:2736.7degrees
2020/3/19 8:2136.3degrees
2020/3/20 9:0635.9degrees
2020/3/21 10:5436.7degrees
2020/3/22 14:1036.2degrees
2020/3/23 7:5135.8degrees
2020/3/24 8:1535.4degrees
2020/3/25 5:3135.7degrees
2020/3/26 9:1136.6degrees
2020/3/27 5:1735.5degrees
2020/3/28 7:2635.6degrees
2020/3/29 6:5136.0degrees
2020/3/29 8:2636.0degrees
2020/3/30 7:4735.7degrees
2020/3/31 6:0635.7degrees

年賀状・縁起物・干支・御利益・お買物、日本正月協会販売部、Japan Shogatsu Association sales dept.

A white Youtuber, Mister Oshogatsu’s COVID-19 infectious disease preventive measures [measurement results of April 2020]

2020/4/1 4:4735.2degrees
2020/4/2 5:2835.0degrees
2020/4/3 8:2435.8degrees
2020/4/3 10:0735.8degrees
2020/4/4 8:4135.4degrees
2020/4/5 9:5936.8degrees
2020/4/6 7:4335.3degrees
2020/4/7 5:5036.3degrees
2020/4/8 5:3635.5degrees
2020/4/9 5:5035.1degrees
2020/4/11 6:3535.7degrees
2020/4/12 8:2336.4degrees
2020/4/13 7:4435.4degrees
2020/4/14 6:1736.6degrees
2020/4/14 9:0936.1degrees
2020/4/15 5:2035.2degrees
2020/4/16 5:4135.6degrees
2020/4/17 8:1836.2degrees
2020/4/18 7:3935.8degrees
2020/4/19 5:1435.1degrees
2020/4/19 6:2435.7degrees
2020/4/20 4:3435.3degrees
2020/4/21 5:1035.3degrees
2020/4/22 7:2236.0degrees
2020/4/23 7:3435.8degrees
2020/4/25 8:1435.8degrees
2020/4/26 6:3636.0degrees
2020/4/27 5:1435.4degrees
2020/4/29 7:3635.3degrees
2020/4/30 9:1336.0degrees

年賀状・縁起物・干支・御利益・お買物、日本正月協会販売部、Japan Shogatsu Association sales dept.

A white Youtuber, Mister Oshogatsu’s COVID-19 infectious disease preventive measures [measurement results of May 2020]

2020/5/1 7:0035.7degrees
2020/5/1 15:4836.1degrees
2020/5/2 8:0636.2degrees
2020/5/3 7:0536.1degrees
2020/5/4 5:0835.8degrees
2020/5/5 7:1935.4degrees
2020/5/6 7:1536.2degrees
2020/5/7 5:1435.6degrees
2020/5/8 6:2235.3degrees
2020/5/9 5:5535.3degrees
2020/5/10 6:1935.7degrees
2020/5/11 7:0736.0degrees
2020/5/14 8:3836.3degrees
2020/5/15 6:2635.4degrees
2020/5/16 7:2036.0degrees
2020/5/17 6:3935.6degrees
2020/5/18 7:5236.0degrees
2020/5/19 6:3735.4degrees
2020/5/20 7:3635.8degrees
2020/5/21 5:4635.7degrees
2020/5/22 9:1236.0degrees
2020/5/24 6:1235.9degrees
2020/5/25 5:2535.9degrees
2020/5/26 5:0635.5degrees
2020/5/27 6:5035.7degrees
2020/5/28 5:0635.4degrees
2020/5/29 7:1235.8degrees
2020/5/30 9:1036.2degrees
2020/5/31 8:3036.1degrees

年賀状・縁起物・干支・御利益・お買物、日本正月協会販売部、Japan Shogatsu Association sales dept.

A white Youtuber, Mister Oshogatsu’s COVID-19 infectious disease preventive measures [measurement results of June 2020]

2020/6/1 5:1135.3degrees
2020/6/2 5:5935.8degrees
2020/6/3 5:1635.0degrees
2020/06/04 5:40:2935.6degrees
2020/06/05 8:10:5335.9degrees
2020/06/06 7:00:2935.6degrees
2020/06/07 5:58:5835.5degrees
2020/06/08 6:58:4435.8degrees
2020/06/09 5:22:3835.0degrees
2020/06/10 5:28:3135.9degrees
2020/06/11 4:41:5934.9degrees
2020/06/12 5:11:2335.3degrees
2020/06/13 5:31:5836.0degrees
2020/06/13 6:18:1836.0degrees
2020/06/14 17:12:1836.2degrees
2020/06/15 6:01:5735.7degrees
2020/06/16 8:45:3835.9degrees
2020/06/17 7:54:4636.0degrees
2020/06/18 7:22:4635.3degrees
2020/06/19 4:38:3634.5degrees
2020/06/20 7:52:2635.8degrees
2020/06/21 7:33:2535.8degrees
2020/06/22 7:22:1636.2degrees
2020/06/23 7:47:2035.9degrees
2020/06/24 6:00:0836.0degrees
2020/06/25 3:37:0835.3degrees
2020/06/26 6:04:38
2020/06/26 23:14:4235.4degrees
2020/06/28 5:12:0035.6degrees
2020/06/29 6:31:5835.8degrees
2020/06/30 5:38:5935.5degrees

A white Youtuber, Mister Oshogatsu’s COVID-19 infectious disease preventive measures [measurement results of July 2020]

2020/07/01 9:07:1536.5degrees
2020/07/02 5:12:5135.6degrees
2020/07/03 5:10:3935.6degrees
2020/07/04 7:02:0136.0degrees
2020/07/05 5:08:5635.2degrees
2020/07/06 6:42:2236.1degrees
2020/07/07 5:33:2435.4degrees
2020/07/08 5:00:2835.6degrees
2020/07/09 7:02:1935.8degrees


I hope everyone will use these as a reference and you make more healthful lifestyle.

About the author “Mr. Oshogatsu”

ミスターお正月近影From 2018, started activities as an international YouTuber. aiming to spread “Oshogatsu” as a Japanese traditional proudable culture to the world. Not only YouTuber but also various businesses such as online shop management and association management.


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