Shogatsu-butori, what is this? [Oshogatsu tips]

“Shogatsu-butori”, why don’t you know it?

Do you know “Shogatsu-butori”?
It is so dangerous,so Japanese people are careful it every Oshogatsu.
What is a “Shogatsu-butori”?
I introduce it in this article.


Oshogatsu Day in Japan is a period in which a depravity life is permitted. [ shogatsu-butori ]

For Japanese people, the Oshogatsu is like a festival.
People enjoy this vacation that they do not have to work.
They drink alcohol, they eat gorgeously and go to bed. And when they get up they drink alcohol again and eat gorgeously and go to bed.
There are various ways to spend by people, but it is also characteristic of this period that permits a depravity life.

However, someone who is in a way of depravity life needs to be particularly careful is “Shogatsu-butori”.

What is a ” Shogatsu-butori ” ?

To explain briefly, Shogatsu-butori,
It is “Obesity due to a depravity life during the Oshogatsu Period.”
They permit a depravity life,so it is also characteristic of this period that many people increase their weight significantly.

School and work will be closed from the end of the year to the beginning of the year.
They will not see their colleague or their classmate during this period.
That’s why, when school and work resume, by “Shogatsu-butori”
The body which changed greatly becomes conspicuous, it becomes the target of ridicule of people.
It is a testimony of how they spent Oshogatsu days, it is also a shameful thing.
So all Japanese are concerned about ‘Shogatsu-butori’.

Everyone, when you come to Japan, please be careful about Shogatsu-butori.

What is the difference between Shogatsu and Oshogatsu?

Everyone, have you noticed it?
In this article I express Japanese New Year as ’Shogatsu’.
Why is it not ‘Oshogatsu’?
In the other article, I would like to talk about the difference between the ‘Shogatsu’ and the ‘Oshogatsu’.

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