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Who’s that a white one? Mister Oshogatsu brings Oshogatsu as an unkown Japanese traditional culture.

Mister Oshogatsu is a Japanese YouTuber that tries to bring the Oshogatsu as an unknown Japanese traditional culture to the world.

Oshogatsu means “new year days” or “new year anniversary” in Japanese. But it has not only these means but also representing one of Japanese unique culture. Mister Oshogatsu was started to bring out this unique culture’s charm to the world since 2018 on the web and youtube.
Mister Oshogatsu is the pioneer and the leading person of this field.

3 points of Oshogatsu’s splendor thought by Mister Oshogatsu.

Japan, it is a traditional culture powerhouse surrounded by the sea on all sides and has preserved its own unique culture since ancient times.There are many famous traditional cultures in Japan that tell us the state of classic Japan. In that situation,
Mr. Oshogatsu thinks of what makes New Year especially wonderful compared to other traditional cultures is that it is the “largest” , “oldest” and “active” traditional culture in Japan. Majority of Japanese people participates oshogatsu, the history is more old, and activing now. scalehistory, and active duty, these are what’s a oshogatsu’s goodness.

[Splendor of Oshogatsu 1] “Scale as traditional culture” of Oshogatsu

Compared to the events where only a limited number of people participate, such as Dolls festival and Tanabata, most Japanese people participate in the Oshogatsu.

[Splendor of Oshogatsu 2] “Long long history” of Oshogatsu

The Oshogatsu has a history of more than 1,000 years, even before the Heian period.

[Splendor of Oshogatsu 3] Oshogatsu is “still active”

Old Japanese cultures that have already been abolished like ninja and samurai have become well-known worldwide and have become synonymous with the Japanese. However, these cultures are already obsolete in Japan. Even though the Oshogatsu has a history of over 1,000 years, but it is still active.

Oshogatsu has huge scale, Oshogatsu has long long history and Oshogatsu is still active. Is there another traditional culture like this in Japan?
In this way, Oshogatsu is a one of particularly attractive Japanese traditional culture, but there was no one who tried to convey it to the world by paying attention to it as “traditional culture”. Because it was too commonplace for Japanese people. Mr. Oshogatsu, he is the person who is first person in the world to notice and try to convey that charm, and the leading person of this field.

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